Hi there!

Welcome to the Mutiny Club! We appreciate your visit!

We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio

The Mutiny Club (formerly known as Maya Collins Goods) started from turning a bad situation into a positive. Maya, the creator, had found themselves in a weird situation with a lot of newfound time on their hands and was without a creative outlet. After a usual night of binging Youtube at 2am, Maya found themself watching tutorials on polymer clay earring and decided to try their hand at it not too long after. And the rest is history!


The main mission of Mutiny Club is to create fun and wacky earring designs that can bring moments of happiness and peace to people that may be going a tough time. For our founder, the process of making these earrings is like a type of therapy for them, so if they can bring joy to someone from something that they've made, then they feel as if they have done their job.


We also want to create a little space on the internet for people to feel safe and see for who they are. Bigotry of any kind is and will not tolerated, and will be dealt with swiftly. 


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at shop.mutinyclub@gmail.com